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Sex on a Stick: Popsicle Teases and Ice Cream Orgasms

by Naomi Darvell

Mmm...Popsicles... "Have another popsicle."

A guy I knew, when he was a horny teenager, used to invite neighbor girls over and ply them with all the popsicles they could eat. He loved watching a girl suck one, her mouth sliding up and down its length, the ice gradually dying her lips orange, red, or purple. Like watching a slick, cool blow job.

Popsicles are sexy for the person eating them too: not quite real food, but more than a cold drink. Sucking on one gives you a physical thrill -- a quick cooling-off in the mouth that spreads into your whole body, a little spasm of shivery delight. That's why people eating ices often have a slightly rapt look: they're enjoying the combination of oral pleasure (sucking) and euphoria from the shock of cold followed by sweet melting.

I could sit outside all summer watching half-naked people (women especially) walk by sucking popsicles. When it's really hot, one has to lap them up fast or they start dripping. To see someone get drops on a bare chest -- over a tank top or bikini bra -- dab them up with a finger, and lick, can be downright pornographic.

Ice cream cones don't offer quite the phallic tease of popsicles; they're a little more subtle. One year I lived in Rome, where ice cream (gelato) is a way of life. Fantastic ethereal flavors: rosewater, mango, rice pudding with saffron.... It amazed me to see elegant women (so elegant I wouldn't expect them to so much as drink bottled water in public) walking down the street licking cones of gelato with cream on top. When you eat ice cream, you can't help but show your tongue a little and lick your lips. The women didn't seem consciously provocative about it. That made it even hotter for me.

Moving beyond voyeurism, how can you put iced delights to work in your actual sex life? First, try making an ice cream treat with your lover. If you need inspiration, Cher Ladd-Vuolo and Bill Noble can tell you how to make a banana split for lovers or even turn your partner into a strawberry sundae.

The eating of popsicles and ice cream makes great foreplay/tease material. If it's someone new, you can lick a popsicle lasciviously to make it clear you like oral sex. With someone familiar, you can let them know you're in the mood, and (if you're in a public place) heat them up until they're ready to drag you home. Be as explicit as you dare. Ice cream cones, again, are less obviously suggestive, but offer more room for creativity. You can swirl the ice cream with the point of your tongue; wrap your tongue around it; press it with a flat tongue; shape it into a point and then back into a mound. Trust me; your lover will get the message.

Of course, you can actually play with frozen treats. A low-temperature jolt is great for masturbating, phone sex (let your long-distance love listen to you suck an ice pop and have him or her tell you to do something like touch it to your nipple), or with a partner right there. I've always liked a bit of ice on my labia and clitoris, especially if there's someone to lick it off. Ice is great for cooling off the butt after a spanking and it gives you a real endorphin rush when it trickles down into your more vulnerable parts. Now, imagine adapting that with popsicles. At, David Strovny tells you to go down on your woman while she imitates fellatio with a popsicle. It could also be chilling fun to suck a popsicle right before giving a blow job or performing cunnilingus. Or what about blindfolding your partner and letting him/her wonder where the popsicle tip will go next?

Now, popsicles are messy. They're sticky -- which can be a plus -- but also mostly in colors you don't want to have permanently on your sheets and underwear. That's why it's especially nice to do the original, teasing stages by the pool, on the beach, or in the back yard. If you retreat inside for the X-rated stuff, you might like to lie on the floor with a beach towel (continuing the playful summer mood).

Some people claim to fuck themselves and each other with popsicles, which does sound exciting. (My mind boggles, thinking of push-up pops or those rocket-shaped ones with ridges.) But putting something sugary, as well as cold, inside any orifice but the mouth, might cause concerns. I'd be apt to copy some BDSMers and use those homemade popsicle molds with plain water. Before you stick any ice inside someone, make sure you moisten it to avoid sticking (ouch, ouch!) and go slowly at first. A woman's vagina, in particular, is quite sensitive to temperature changes, which can make this exercise a lot of fun, but a turnoff if you move in too fast.

Ice cream is nice to lick off an erect nipple, a bobbing penis, or your lover's mouth. For a bit of extra sophistication -- and less fat and calories -- get some fabulous sorbets. Or make them; it's pretty easy with one of those mini ice-cream freezers. Aim for medium sweet, with a little something extra. Cassis with rosemary; kiwi with lime; grapefruit with ginger. Mound a few contrasting flavors in a bowl and feed them to each other, perhaps while sipping warm tea. No, really! The tea not only cleanses your palate between flavors; the hot-cold contrast heightens the temperature-change euphoria I mentioned earlier. Kiss and trade mouthfuls of the half-melted sorbet; it's great for that, not as cloying as ice cream.

What if it's a hot summer day and you want to try some frozen fun, but you're alone and impatient? Why not run outside and accost the Good Humor man? You've got nothing to lose but your popsicle virginity.

©2002 by Naomi Darvell

Reader Comments

Naomi Darvell is an Articles Editor for Clean Sheets.





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